The hardest horse ride of the world

 The 33-year-old riding pedagogue, Jacki Knöpfel was selected by more than 100 applicants as a participant in the, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, hardest and longest horse races in the world. 

"With the Derby I want to raise money for children with cancer

The Swiss lives and works with horses since her earliest childhood. In the spring of 2016, she decided to starta great adventure, leaving the house and yard and embarking on the journey with her two Icelandic horses. From Eastern Switzerland, she has traveled more than 700 km until she finally found a new home in Radebeul, near Dresden. Today she works as a riding therapist and helps many children to see the world with sparkling eyes. 

"The hardest race is the battle of children against cancer

At the Mongol Derby Jacki Knöpfel has to make 1000 km in 10 days. Every 40km she gets a new horse. Where the Mongolian desert ponies are described as half-wild and do not always like to ride. But for her ambitious goal, Jacki likes to take a risk, 

"... because only someone who falls knows how important it is to get up immediately"

 Riding against cancer

 Jacki Knöpfel works as a riding pedagogue and therapist with partially physically and mentally impaired children and she enormously appreciated by all her protégés, as well as their parents.

Since Jackie's family has already sufferedsomeseriousfatalities from cancer, it was soon clear to the newly minted mother that the donations collected should also do something good for her adventure.

"Money can not buy happiness, but it can help to defeat cancer "

So Jacki supports with their commitment the "Sonnenstrahl" in Dresden, which cares for children with cancer and their families.